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My Thoughts on Money and Pursuit of Financial Freedom

Money and Morality

Money in itself is not evil. The love of money is what the bible condemns. Money is neutral. It is neither morally good nor bad. It's a thing and a tool. And just like any other things and tools its benefits, potential, and power depends on whose hands they belong to.

Put money in the pocket of a criminal and you will see its maximum potential being used to realize the evil that resides in that man's heart. One gets to witness how money translates to power and opportunities to destroy lives in the expense of somebody's twisted impulse.

Often times, people have this idea at the back of his/her mind about money being evil by default; This is because we often hear from news and witness in the televisions (including movies), on how rich people treats the impoverished sectors as being inferior breed. The rich uses the poor. The rich is the boss and the poor becomes his slave. A lot of us get to witness abuses by people who translates money as strength to abuse and use people for their personal benefits and pleasure. They also take advantage of someone else's lack. I am not saying that all rich people are like this. No, I personally know a lot of kind-hearted rich people. However, seeing such abuses in our society that are brought about by these egoistic maniacs -- that things money equates to a person's worth -- makes us believe that money in itself is evil.

However, one should be able to discern the difference of the tool and the hands that uses it. Put money in the hands of a person who finds his happiness on someone else's happiness and you will realize that money is such a good thing that we can use to save lives let alone make others happy.

It's good to have a lot of money because it's good to help people and become a blessing to those who are in desperate situations. If one has a good heart, money becomes good, and it becomes something that we desire to have. Isn't it great to help someone who don't have enough? Isn't it great to provide for your family's needs as well as comfort? Isn't it nice to save someone who is suffering from sickness and cannot pay for their own hospital bills and medicine.

There's no telling how money becomes a solution to many things... and pursuing financial freedom as well as having a hefty of it, should be one of our main focus in life. There's nothing wrong with pursuing money for as long as you put it in the right context. And of course, speaking from my faith, you should pursue God first over material things.

On Financial Freedom

I am not one of those who were born with a silver spoon. I don't regret it by the way. However, it brings along a certain level of challenges (which is good in other aspects of life) and discomfort in my part. And now being a head of a family of 3 (my wife and my only daughter), the burden to provide the daily necessities was put in my shoulders. There are a lot of times that I am pushed in the wall of payment dues and I don't know where and who to go to. There are also times that I felt so bad seeing someone who is badly in need of financial help and all I can say is "I will pray for your needs." There are times that my daughter asks me to by an expensive toy -- which she fell in love with while watching some random youtube toy reviews -- and I feel some sort of regret within me for not having enough money to buy what my daughter wants.

Anyway, what's my point?

Being financially independent saves you from a lot of stress and worries. It could also translate to your family's happiness when you are able to bring them to the places that they want to go and buy your kids some toys that they like (I'm not saying you spoil them).

Anyway, I started learning and reading some financial book as my first step for financial stability. Also, I have learned that your journey to financial freedom starts with changing your mind. It's a matter of mindset. So I looked from the web, and viola, I have found this Money Mindset Resource. The name of the website is and it teaches people how to train your mind for financial freedom.

This website have a series called "The Money Mindset Series" and it teaches practical and effective steps for better financial management, how to earn money, and how to save money.

I love most of the articles from this series but this one brought a big realization for me: Why Everything Starts With the Right Mindset.

If you are reading this, you can visit that website. There are also other good online resources for financial management and freedom but this is the one I suggest to my friends who are also in the same journey with me to attain financial freedom.

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